What is Arkham Intelligence, how it works and airdrop

What is Arkham Intelligence?

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Arkham Intelligence is an online application and website specialized in “intelligence” in the crypto world. Thanks to this tool we will be able to track movements, transactions, smart contracts, people, companies, ENS(.eth) addresses and many more things. You could say that it is a blockchain explorer that provides the possibility to explore everything in a visual and intuitive way.


How does Arkham work?

Very simple, once we have an account, we will only have to enter a name or an Ethereum address. For example, if we search for “Coinbase” we will see the Ethereum wallets associated with it and we can click on one of the Coinbase wallets and it will show up like this:

In reality, there are already services that provide us with this data, such as Etherscan, but it is one thing to see the addresses and transactions in text and another to set up all the visual racket so that the way to search and see things is ultra-fast.

And we see that in that Coinbase wallet has made transactions with many wallets, some of them without labels and others labeled. And this is another advantage of Arkham: there are many labeled wallets. A tag or label means that a wallet or address is associated with an identity that can be a person, an organization, a company, a known thief, etc.

Let’s continue, one of the wallets that interacts with Coinbase’s is Gemini’s, a “lending/borrowing” platform and cryptocurrency wallet.

We click and Arkham will give us the relations of the new wallet:

How can we see that Gemini wallet is related to PAXG, a cryptocurrency or rather token, backed by gold, 1 PAXG is an ounce of gold.

Also, even if it is not seen in the screenshots, if we click on the arrows we will see the value of each transaction in dollars. In the screenshot above you can see “$127” transferred. And if we click on the transaction we will see everything: date, token or ether, hash of the transaction, etc.

In short, Arkham Intelligence is a blockchain explorer oriented towards intelligence and analysis. And that is extremely useful as we will see in the next point, “What is Arkham for”. I must also add that these types of tools today are usually limited or freemium, that is, you have to pay, and quite a bit, to use them. We’re talking hundreds of dollars a year.

Arkham has just started and is still in BETA. Which means two things: that it still has a lot to develop, such as alerts, which will notify us if something that we have set happens, and integrations with other blockchains. You only has to go through their blog to see that they plan to integrate blockchains such as Polygon and Optimism, which are L2 of Ethereum, and also other blockchains such as Avalanche into their tool. In addition to other functionalities such as following our portfolio, etc.

Update: Both BNB Chain and the Ethereum L2 that is Polygon have already been integrated into Arkham.

And second, if you register now that it is in beta phase, it is very likely that we will be able to access your tool for free in the future while new users have to pay the corresponding subscription. In the last point I will explain how to register by skipping the waiting list.

What is it for?

It is not very difficult to imagine the truth. But here are some ideas:

  • Track people: I have not put it in the article because I do not want to bother anyone, but I just had to take the Ethereum address of a famous influencer, give it to Arkham Intelligence and they have shown me not only the money they have and the donations they have received, and see them in a visual way, but where and which application has withdrawn his funds. This is useful for example to see clearly what a thief, an organization or a famous person, etc., does with the funds.
  • Track companies: You can see what companies do as long as their wallets are tagged, which is common.
  • News: Sometimes there is fake news that creates FUD, that if a company has lost X money or if they have stolen this or that, or if they are passing it to X company. Well, here we can quickly see if this news is really true and those movements have taken place. This is useful for investors, curious and of course, for journalists and influencers in the sector.
  • Detect trends: We can easily see trends in an intuitive way, it is not the same to enter Etherscan or any other blockchain explorer and see addresses and transactions for hours and decide which wallet did what. Here everything looks crystal clear. You save a lot of time and mental effort.
  • Discover projects: Investigating you will inevitably find new projects.
  • Transparency: All of the above makes the blockchain even more transparent. In reality, this is already transparent, but no matter how transparent it is if ordinary mortals do not look at it because they do not have time or knowledge, it could be said that it is less transparent for practical purposes.

How to register and how to get the Arkham airdrop

It is rumored that there will be an airdrop, that is, that Arkham will take out a token and give it to its original users. If they keep it, they will probably be able to use the platform for free. New users in the future will have to pay for the service possibly by purchasing the token. This rumor arises from what is usually the business model in this type of tools. To receive the token you should only have to register.

And there are two ways to register:

  • Waitlist: That is, you add yourself to the waitlist and wait for your turn if it arrives.
  • Invitation: If you add yourself to the waiting list through an invitation, they put you at the top of the list as Arkham itself communicated. Here I leave my invitation to Arkham Intelligence.

And that’s it.



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