What is Arkham Intel Exchange

The company Arkham Intelligence is a business and web application that collects the blockchains of various cryptocurrencies: ether, bitcoin, binance, etc. And analyzes them to then present the transactions, wallets, and associated identities in a very graphic and intuitive way.
In other words, it is a blockchain analyzer that allows you to investigate what is happening and is used by many journalists and analysts, an article was already written about this sophisticated tool a few months ago on Doortoblockchain.

This company has launched Arkham Intel Exchange…

What is Arkham Intel Exchange?

In the company’s words:

“We believe that deanonymization is the future in cryptocurrency markets, and that the intelligence technology built by Arkham will serve as the basis for the self-regulation of the crypto economy.”

They justify it by saying that it could be used to track down hackers, etc. I will comment on these statements in the last point.

Arkham Intel Exchange will be an “intelligence” exchange for the deanonymization of on-chain cryptocurrency markets. In other words, it will be a market where information related to transactions, identities of different wallets, etc. is bought and sold.

How will it work?

The application will work on a website as an interface, which will connect with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, the information buyer will be able to lock in such a contract a sum x of money and any researcher will be able to give that information in exchange for that money.

Once the information is purchased, the buyer/s will be the only person with access to it for 90 days, after which the information will become public.

The currency used in this information marketplace will be the Arkham Intelligence token: ARKM.

Some examples of information purchase requests exposed by Arkham itself:

  • Find the addresses of a hedge fund’s wallets
  • Locate the wallets of the team of a certain protocol
  • Find the real identity of an impersonator of a prominent person
  • Victims of an exploit pooling resources to obtain information about the exploiter.
  • A trading company may want to buy information about its own wallet before a competitor finds it.


ARKM Token

The token has been launched but cannot yet be bought or sold.

Those who have earned points in the application by using it or by inviting users will be able to receive an airdrop of this token.

Opinion on Arkham Intel Exchange

There has been some stir about the announcement of this new functionality, even CEOs of very relevant projects in the sector, such as the Aave protocol, have said it is immoral because it would aid doxxing.

It is true that privacy is desirable, whether it should be total or not can be debated, but that there should be some privacy is something that anyone moderately read in economics/politics should defend, just as total privacy would carry some advantages and other disadvantages, absolute transparency in citizens’ private lives could expose them to a multitude of dangers.

But in my opinion, there should be no such debate around this new functionality. There have always been incentives for privacy and incentives to break it, just as governments and companies try to break internet privacy, foundations, individuals, companies, and even some governments, are dedicated to financing and developing privacy on the network.

It’s a matter of incentives, and the new Arkham app, although very interesting and potentially game-changing, would just be a small, almost minuscule milestone in this historical struggle, this time, in favor of deanonymization.



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